Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2011-2013
Prison Public Memory Project
Interviewer and Oral History Consultant

The Prison Public Memory Project uses public history, social practice art, and new media technologies to build safe spaces where people from all walks of life can come together to engage in conversation and learning about the complex role of prisons in communities and society.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2012-
Oral History Summer School

Oral History Summer School was established in Hudson, New York in 2012 to train an international group of writers, social workers, radio producers, artists, teachers, human rights workers, and others to make use of Oral History in their documentary and artistic practices.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  November 2011
Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations
Trainer: Oral History Interviews
November 2011

As part of this project's interview team, I trained interviewers to work according to best practices in Oral History
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2011, 2012
WGXC, community radio
2011, 2012

I ran two one-day workshops for radio producers and those interested in radio, focusing on how oral history and radio might make use of one another.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2010-2011
Women In Print: Voices from the Feminist Press, 1960-1985
With funding from the Radcliffe Institute/Schlesinger Library Grant

Women In Print: Voices from the Feminist Press, 1960-1985 is the working title of an oral history project that aims to collect narratives about feminist presses and print shops founded and run by women, between 1960 and 1985.

You can hear some excerpts, here: http://museumca.org/theoaklandstandard/elana-dykewomon-oral-history
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2012
consultant and trainer

Currently, I'm working with a group of curators, as part of MoMA's international program (CMAP) on Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives--preparing the curators to interview other curators and artists around the world.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2008-

In 2008, I will record 30-50 life histories of toll booth operators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Rather than programming edited bytes-turned-docs on the radio, I propose to use transmitters at the side of the road, to allow riders to tune into these full-length life histories on a particular low frequency radio station. This project borrows from Oral History but also from traditional "sound walks," which are usually packaged as audio guides for tourists on foot; in this case, the tourists will be passengers on the highway.
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Stetson Kennedy Vox Populi (“Voice of the People”) Annual Award
Committee Member

The award honors individuals or organizations who have accomplished outstanding achievement in using oral history to create a more humane and just world. Nominees may include those who use oral history as a means of furthering social justice as well as those collecting oral histories of social justice advocates.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  Interviewer
Black Brooklyn Renaissance (1960-2010)
Oral History Archive, 2010-2011

[from the Brooklyn Arts Council's web-site]
Black Brooklyn Renaissance (February 2010 - February 2011), features performances, exhibitions, symposia and workshops, a conference, an oral history project and an archive. BAC has joined forces with artists and organizations across the borough to make Black Brooklyn Renaissance a truly collaborative and holistic endeavor.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2001-2003
Columbia University Oral History Research Office: THE SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 ORAL HISTORY NARRATIVE AND MEMORY PROJECT (photo credit: Genevieve Long)

Within the first year of the project over four hundred interviews were conducted with a wide variety of people who were affected directly and indirectly by the catastrophe. Two hundred follow-up interviews were conducted in the winter and spring of 2002, in order to allow those we interviewed in the first year to speak about the effects of their experiences over time.
Suzanne Snider Oral History  2008-
NEWTOWN CREEK Community Health & Harm Narratives: Exploring the Public Health Concerns of Communities along the Newtown Creek
Consultant, Trainer
(photo: Riverkeeper.Org)
Suzanne Snider Oral History  Built by Alex Malmude
The Speech Bubble
September 2010 WGXC/Prometheus Radio Barnraising Event
Built by Alex Malmude

Alex and I ran the Speech Bubble for the weekend.

The Speech Bubble: Come practice your interviewing skills in The Speech Bubble, a booth set up to record conversations between friends or strangers. On-site assistance will run all equipment while you settle in for 20 minutes of talk time.
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Interview/Life History with Dale Graff, the Director of Stargate

Four hour interview with Dale Graff, who headed the covert governmental operation called Stargate, which employed psychics and remote viewers as a form of military intelligence, from the Cold War through 1995.
Suzanne Snider Oral History
Oral History Workshop, Germantown Community Farm Skill Share

This workshop covered theory and methodology of Oral History practice, with additional discussion of how/where Oral History and Radio Documentary intersect.