Suzanne Snider Articles Kinfolk, Vol 22
Ruth Asawa
Kinfolk, Vol 22
Suzanne Snider Articles Kinfolk, Vol 24 The Relationships Issue
J. du Pré
Kinfolk, Vol 24 The Relationships Issue
Suzanne Snider Articles Kinfolk, Vol 21  The Home Issue
Variations on Solitude: Glenn Gould
Kinfolk, Vol 21 The Home Issue
Suzanne Snider Articles The Believer
Interview with Allyson Strafella
February 2013
The Believer
Suzanne Snider Articles The Believer
Interview with Lawrence Schiller

May 2010
The Believer

“I saId, ‘Fuck you, O. J.’ ”
Suzanne Snider Articles
Magical Passes

April 2005

On Carlos Castaneda, Buckminster Fuller, Tensegrity, et al.
Suzanne Snider Articles
Beautiful Loser

July 2006

With a new documentary and a book of poems, Leonard Cohen is primed for a comeback. For Suzanne Snider, he never went away.
[photo by Alan Wilson]
Suzanne Snider Articles
est, Werner Erhard, and the Corporatization of Selp-Help

May 2003

It Makes Us Yearn for the Days When We Were All Assholes
Suzanne Snider Articles
Snowflake Motel

September 2003
Suzanne Snider Articles Legal Affairs
Old Yeller

June 2005
Legal Affairs

The History of the Legal Pad
Suzanne Snider Articles Washington Post
Bob Moore: A man with a mill and a mission

April 2011
Washington Post

On each Red Mill bag, Moore serves as folksy ambassador, wearing a derby cap, glasses and a bolo. In real life, he adds a red jacket. If Whole Foods sells a latte-fueled dream of healthy ’90s decadence, Bob’s Red Mill peddles a more populist fantasy of prairie days, a manufactured nostalgia.
Suzanne Snider Articles Nextbook
Cheever Country

November 2006

Why do Alex Katz's elegant canvases strike critics as the ultimate in WASP art?
Suzanne Snider Articles Guernica
White on Noir Suzanne Snider interviews Eve Sussman

February 1, 2012

The artist Eve Sussman dissects infrastructure as beauty, Soviet-era aesthetics, Occupy Wall Street, Williamsburg lofts, and her latest film that uses an algorithm to distinguish each screening. With a sample selection.
Suzanne Snider Articles Anathema Magazine
The Hug Machine

Anathema Magazine

Temple Grandin, the Weighted Vest, and the Search for Compression
Suzanne Snider Articles
Dr One-Who-Hopes

Nextbook, July 2008
Suzanne Snider Articles Columbia
A Proud Inheritance; Profile of Kiran Desai
January 2007
Suzanne Snider Articles
Interview with Rebecca Gates and Lucy Raven, of The Relay Project
Tokion, Issue No. 49